Preparations underway to face third wave of Corona: CM Chouhan

Monkeypox in Delhi

State will get 50 lakh vaccines in 10 days
Presentation on vaccination and preparations for the third wave

Bhopal, June 19

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that maximum population of the state will be provided with the cycle of protection of vaccination at the earliest to prevent the third wave of Corona infection. Hospital resources are constantly being enhanced to cope with the third wave.

Chief Minister Chouhan was virtually addressing the dignitaries of the districts including religious leaders from his residence in connection with Covid-19 Vaccination Maha Abhiyan. Additional Chief Secretary Health Mohammad Suleman gave a presentation on vaccination and the preparations being made to face the third wave in the state.

14 lakh vaccines will be available on June 21st

It was informed in the virtual meeting that 7, 000 vaccination centers would be set up in the state for the vaccination campaign on June 21. Wide publicity of these centers will be ensured so that people can easily reach these centers for vaccination on June 21. The process of delivering the vaccine to the remote areas of the state has started. Timely availability of vaccine will be ensured in remote districts like Sidhi, Singrauli. The target is that on June 21, 14 lakh vaccines will be available in the state. A target of 10 lakh vaccinations has been set in the Vaccine Maha Abhiyan. The environment for the great campaign should be created in such a way that the number of vaccinations is more than ten lakhs.

Additional vaccine received as a result of request made to PM Modi

Additional Chief Secretary Health informed that as a result of Chief Minister Chouhan’s appeal to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the supply of vaccine has increased in the state. For the next 10 days, the state will be getting 50 lakh vaccines. This is a big opportunity for the state. We have to ensure that the vaccine being received in such large number is used in time. It is necessary to ensure that there is no wastage of vaccine. There are 11 doses in one vial, a vial provides for vaccination of 10 persons. We should endeavour to ensure that 11 people are vaccinated with one vial.

Ensure wide publicity of vaccination centers

It was informed in the presentation that the vaccination campaign would continue after June 21. Vaccination centers will be relocated from the villages and wards where the vaccination will be completed. It is necessary to note that the vaccination center being set up next should be widely publicized in the area. This will make it easier for the general public to reach the vaccination center and no vaccination doses will go waste.

Pay attention to the fixed protocol of vaccination

The prescribed protocol of vaccination must be taken care of. It is necessary to rest for half an hour after vaccination and this system should be followed. General fever or other symptoms should also be monitored and necessary advice should be given. This will prevent unnecessary confusion. If necessary, the help of referral health institutions should be taken.

State government is alert regarding new variant of virus

In the presentation regarding the possibilities of the third wave of Corona infection, it was told that we may have to face the third wave probably in upcoming monts weeks. If Covid appropriate behaviour is not maintained then it is certain that there will be a hike in Corona cases. The Corona virus is not gone yet. Talking about the Delta Plus variant, new variants of the virus are emerging every day. The state government is constantly monitoring the new variations of the virus.

Approvals of Rs 61 crores issued for hospitals

Continuous preparations are being made by the state government for the upcoming circumstances. Approvals worth about Rs 61 crores have been issued for increasing ICU and HDU beds, Paediatric ICU and O.T beds at the district level. Orders have also been placed for supply of equipment etc. Effort is being made to ensure that necessary infrastructure should be established in the state by the end of July.

Arrangement of 112 oxygen plants and 7 thousand oxygen concentrators

Approval has been granted for 112 Oxygen PSA plants in the state. By August 15, almost all the plants will be functional. District Collectors were instructed in the meeting to ensure arrangement of electricity connection for these plants in advance so that there is no delay in the implementation of the plants. 04 thousand 500 oxygen concentrators have been provided to different districts of the state. Apart from this, about 2 thousand 500 concentrators are being received from the Government of India and other sources. Concentrators will be provided to the districts as per their requirement. Oxygen concentrators should be made available at district hospitals as well as at community and primary health centers.

Vacancies to be filled through walk in interview

Instructions were also given to the divisional commissioners to fill up the vacant posts of doctors and medical specialists in medical colleges. For this, suggestion to start the system of walk in interviews was given. All the vacancies of nurses in medical colleges will be filled by July. Their services should be taken for the children’s ward and other necessary places by giving them Covid related training immediately.


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