Shri Chyawan Ayurved aims to open 6.68 lakh swadeshi kendras for economic development of India

swadeshi kendras of Shri Chyawan Ayurved

Raipur, Aug 5

The vision of propelling India on the path of development and to reduce the dominance of foreign companies in the FMCG sector, Saint Devkar Saheb has founded a company dealing in manufacturing as well as selling of daily consumable products, lifestyle items, herbal goods and others.

Realising the fact the FMCG market as well as other sectors in India are dominated by companies having foreign investment and this is emerging as a one of the hurdles in economic development of the country, Saint Devkar Saheb formulated the idea of promoting ‘Swadeshi’ in 2016 and founded Shri Chyawan Ayurved in 2017.

Presently, Shri Chyawan Ayurved managed to spread its footprint across the country with over 300 Swadeshi Kendras (outlets) and aims of starting outlets in 6.68 lakh villages in India.

Saint Devkar Saheb is the most beloved and promising disciple of Shri Asang Dev Ji Maharaj, the saint of Kabir Panth.

Interacting with the team of ‘The News Corridor’, the saint spoke about the objective, future plans and ongoing research in the company.

“Despite such a huge population and availability of vast resources, India did not achieve the growth that the country expected to attain whereas the economy of several countries like America, Japan and even many small nations got manifold growth. So in search of the reason why India did not succeed in achieving the expected growth, I started studying the history as well as the report of eminent economist Utsa patnaik. While studying the report of Patniak, I learnt that Britishers have siphoned around 45 trillion dollars from India during their rule in the country,” pointed Saint Devkar.

After studying the history and report of Patnaik, I floated Chyawan with the objective to promote swadeshi and prevent outflow of country’s money to overseas in the form of profit gained by overseas companies, added the saint.

Saint Devkar further elaborated that be it any FMCG products or food products, companies like ITC, P&G, Hindustan Unilever and others that have foreign investment are dominating the market and keeping the same in mind, I launched Chyawan and ensure opening of Swadeshi Kendra across the country.

So far we have started Swadeshi Kendra in over 200 villages, he said, adding that Chyawan manufactures a wide range of products to meet the every need of people.

As of now, we have generated direct and indirect employment opportunities for over 3000 people and aim to ensure job benefits to over 2 lakh people in near future, stated Saint Devkar.

He further added that our objective is to start swadeshi Kendra in 6.68 lakh villages across the country so that people get good quality products at affordable price and the wealth of the country remains with people here. Currently, Chyawan has over 300 products in the market and started giving tough competition to several recognized brands.

Highlighting the role of Chyawan in enhancing the income of farmers and tribal people, Saint Devkar explained that the company is playing a significant role in doubling the income of farmers as well as tribal people by directly procuring their produce for manufacturing of separate products. The company is giving good prices to farmers and tribal people against their produce and simultaneously offering the market good quality products at affordable prices.

Each and every product manufactured by us is the outcome of extensive research by a team of determined experts, Saint Devkar stated, adding that several researches are ongoing for development of valuables products.

Sensing the massive demand of healthcare products, Chyawan has introduced several products in the markets and soon is going to launch dairy-based food supplements including whey protein, mentioned by the saint.

Recently, we have conducted several testing and trials for development of a medicine effective in treatment of cancer and got positive results, said Maharaj, adding “based on the findings of trials, we will launch the medicine in market after seeking the nod from the government’s concerned authority.” 


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