Centre writes to States again to ensure reduction in edible oil prices

Government tracking evolving situation of COVID-19

The Department of Food and Public Distribution (DFPD) to meet all States/UTs tomorrow to review action taken on stock limit order on Edible Oils

Rigorous measures being taken by the Centre to ease prices of Edible Oils in view of the festive season

Stakeholders advised not to hold the stocks in excess of two months of the storage capacity

Delhi, Oct 25

The Department of Food and Public Distribution (DFPD) will be meeting all States/UTs on Monday, October 25, 2021 through video conferencing to review the action taken on the stock limit order on edible prices.

In a letter written to all states by Secretary DFPD, Sudhanshu Pandey, the Department has outlined initiatives taken by the Centre to ease prices of Edible Oils for relief of consumer and keeping the festive season in mind.

The DFPD is monitoring the prices of edible oils and there availability to the consumers. This is especially important to the context of the upcoming festival season in which demand of edible oils will increase. Various steps have already been taken by the government like based on the interaction with all the states and edible oil industry associations, stock disclosure notification has been issued and DFPD has created a web portal to monitor the stock of edible oils/oilseeds on a weekly basis in the country.

Demand and consumption of edible is different for the different states/UTs as per the preference of the consumers. However, for finalizing the stock limit quantity of edible oils and oilseeds, the states/UTs may consider/explore the previous stock limit imposed for edible oils and oilseeds by the state/UTs. It may be considered that any stakeholder (refiners, miller, wholesaler etc.) should not hold the stocks in excess two months of the storage capacity.

For guidance states may prefer to indicative limits which may have been imposed by states earlier is enclosed for consideration. However, for other categories similar quantities as appropriate for the state may be fixed. For example: for refiners, stocks of maximum of 2 months of the average scale of last six months could be used. Similarly, quanitities may be fixed for extractors/millers may be fixed.


COMMODITY () STATES/UTs()Pulse(2006-17)Edible Oil(2008-18)Edible Oilseeds(2008-18)Onion(2014-16)(2017-18)(2019-20)Sugar(2009-11)(2016-18)Rice(2008-14)Paddy(2008-14)Potato(2014-15)
Andhra PradeshRetailers- 10-155 qtls.Wholesalers-250- 5500 qtlsRetailers- 30-100 qtls.Wholesalers-370- 900 qtlsRetailers- 75-150 qtls.Wholesalers-1200- 2250 qtlsNRRetailers- 40-50qtls. Wholesalers-1000- 2000 qtlsTrading Rice Mills- 4000 qtlsNon Trading Rice Mills- 1000-2000 qtlsWholesalers- 250-1000 qtlsRetailers- 50- 100 qtlsWholesalers- 750 qtlsRetailers- 150 qtls  Not Imposed
Arunachal Pradesh Not Reported   Not Reported   Not Reported
Assam10 qtlsNot Reported
Bihar500-1500 qtls250-500 qtls500-1000 qtls Not Reported 
Chhattisgarh300-1000 qtls250 qtls500 qtls 
GoaRetailers- 30 qtls.Wholesalers- 500 qtlsRetailers- 10 qtls.Wholesalers- 350 qtlsRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 500 qtlsRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 125 qtls
GujaratRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 1000 qtlsRetailers- 45 qtls.Wholesalers- 600 qtlsRetailers- 100 qtls.Wholesalers- 2000 qtls Not Reported
HaryanaRetailers- 25 qtls.Wholesalers- 250 qtlsRetailers- 25 qtls.Wholesalers- 1500 qtlsRetailers- 25 qtls.Wholesalers- 1500 qtls Not Reported
Himachal Pradesh20-150 qtls10 qtls50 qtls
Jammu and KashmirRetailers- 600 qtls.Wholesalers- 1200 qtlsRetailers- 1100 qtls.Wholesalers- 2200 qtls Not ReportedRetailers- 300 qtls.Wholesalers- 600 qtls 
JharkhandRetailers- 50 qtlsWholesalers- 500-1000 qtlsRetailers- 50 qtlsWholesalers- 300-500 qtlsWholesalers-50-2000 qtlsWholesalers- 300-500 qtlsRetailers- 50 qtlsWholesalers- 5000 qtlsWholesalers- 1000 qtlsWholesalers- 1000 qtls
KarnatakaRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 2000-5000 qtlsRetailers- 50 qtls. Wholesalers-1000- 1200qtlsRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 1000-2000 qtls Not ReportedRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 1000-2000 qtls Not Reported Not Reported
KeralaRetailers- 20 qtls.Wholesalers- 1000 qtls Not Reported   
Madhya PradeshRetailers- 40-50 qtls.Wholesalers- 500-2000 qtls Not Reported
MaharashtraRetailers-150-600 qtls.Wholesalers-1500- 10500 qtlsRetailers- 20-40 qtls. Wholesalers-300- 1000qtlsRetailers- 100-2000 qtls.Wholesalers-800- 20000 qtlsNot ReportedWholesalers-2000-3000 qtls Retailers- 100-200 qtls.Millers- 45 days grinding capacityWholesalers-2000-3000 qtlsRetailers- 100-200 qtls.Millers- 45 days grinding capacity
Manipur  Not Reported   Not Reported   Not Reported
OdishaRetailers- 20 qtls.Wholesalers- 500 qtlsRetailers- 10 qtls.Wholesalers- 500 qtlsRetailers- 20 qtls.Wholesalers- 300 qtlsRetailers- 8-20 qtls.Wholesalers- 150-500 qtls Not ReportedRetailers- 15-40 qtls.Wholesalers- 300-1000 qtls
PunjabRetailers- 100-500 qtls.Wholesalers- 2000-10000 qtlsRetailers- 40 qtls.Wholesalers- 1000 qtls Not ReportedRetailers- 500 qtls.Wholesalers- 5000 qtls   Not Imposed
RajasthanRetailers- 25 qtls.Wholesalers- 2000 qtlsRetailers- 10 qtls.Wholesalers- 100 qtlsRetailers- 100 qtls.Wholesalers- 1000 qtlsNot Reported Not Reported
SikkimNot Reported
Tamil NaduRetailers- 50-125 qtls.Wholesalers-1250- 5000 qtlsRetailers- 8-20 qtls.Wholesalers- 250-600 qtlsRetailers- 5-100 qtls.Wholesalers- 500-1500 qtlsNot ReportedDealers- 400-4600 qtls
TelanganaRetailers- 20-155 qtls.Wholesalers-500- 5500 qtlsRetailers- 30-100 qtls.Wholesalers-375- 5500 qtlsRetailers- 75-150 qtls.Wholesalers-1200- 2250 qtls30-75 qtls. Not Reported Not Reported
Tripura Not Reported
Uttar PradeshRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 1500 qtlsRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 750 qtlsRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 1000 qtls Not ReportedRetailers- 50 qtls.Bulk Consumers- 500 qtls Wholesalers- 1500 qtlsCommission Agents- 1500 qtlsManufacturers- 1500 qtls
UttarakhandRetailers- 10-15 qtls.Wholesalers- 150-500 qtlsRetailers- 10-15 qtls.Wholesalers- 150-500 qtlsRetailers- 10-15 qtls.Wholesalers- 150-500 qtls  Not Reported  
West Bengal Not ReportedRetailers- 20 qtls.Wholesalers- 500 qtlsNot Reported
Andaman and Nicobar IslandsRetailers- 25 qtls.Wholesalers- 500 qtlsRetailers- 5 qtls.Wholesalers- 150 qtlsNot ReportedRetailers- 10 qtls. Wholesalers-400qtlsRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 50 qtlsRetailers- 100 qtls.Wholesalers- 500 qtls
Chandigarh10-500 qtls5-350 qtls30 qtls or moreNot Reported 
Dadra and Nagar HaveliRetailers- 25 qtls.Wholesalers- 250 qtlsRetailers- 15 qtls.Wholesalers- 150 qtlsNot ReportedRetailers- 40 qtls.Wholesalers- 275 qtls
Daman and DiuNot Reported 
DelhiRetailers- 50 qtls.Wholesalers- 2000 qtlsRetailers- 20 qtls.Wholesalers- 600 qtlsRetailers- 100 qtls.Wholesalers- 1500 qtls Wholesalers- 1000 qtlsWholesalers- 1000 qtlsRetailers- 50qtls.Millers- 1000qtls
Lakshadweep Not Reported Not Reported


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