India co-chairs Global Methane Initiative Steering Leadership Meeting

Global Methane Initiative Steering Leadership Meeting

Delhi, Dec 11
A Steering Leadership meeting of Global Methane Initiative (GMI) has been held virtually in which the Additional Secretary,Ministry of Coal V.K. Tiwari as the Vice Chairman of this global initiative informed the participants about the work being carried out by India to mitigate the emission of methane.Emission of methane is a big concern as it is a greenhouse gas having 25-28 times harmful effect than carbon dioxide

Global Methane Initiative(GMI) is a voluntary Government and an informal international partnership having members from 45 countries including the United States and Canada. The forum has been created to achieve global reduction in anthropogenic methane emission through partnership among developed and developing countries having economies in transition.

The forum was created in 2004 and India is one of the members since its inception and has taken up Vice-Chairmanship for the first time in the Steering Leadership along with USA. The Chairperson of the Steering Leadership is from Canada.

Several decisions including holding of next round of meeting in near future were taken. Both Canada and the US appreciated the actions taken by India in reducing and harnessing methane gas.


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